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Important Registration Information

The last day to ADD a class is 8/28/09.
After this date students MAY NOT add any additional courses. Student with questions and concerns should contact their academic advisor.

Last day for 100% Refund is 8/28/09
After this date students WILL NOT be given a full refund if they drop any additional courses. No refunds will be given after this day except for total withdrawal from all classes.

Last day for 50% refund is 10/2/09
Final day to completely withdraw from ALL classes and receive a 50 percent
refund. Official withdrawal form must be obtained from the Registrar’s Office. No refunds will be given after this day.

Last day to drop any classes is 11/2/09
Final day to drop or withdraw from classes without a refund, or change from credit to audit, except for modular classes, by 8 p.m. Drops and withdrawals will not be allowed after this date even with instructor approval.


Tutoring Services Begin

Tutoring at the Academic Success Center will start on AUGUST 31, 2009.  Students may sign up now for tutoring in any of the following subjects:

ACC 201, 202
BIOL 100, 189, 196, 197
BUS 101
CHEM 103, 121, 122, 241, 242
CS 135
ECON 102, 103, 261
FREN 113, 114
MATH 095, 096, 120, 124, 126, 127, 128, 132, 181, 182
PHYS 151, 152, 180, 181
PSC 101
SPAN 113, 114
TCA 221, 321, 420

While tutoring is offered 8 – 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday, lab times will vary.
Students may stop by the Academic Success Center now to sign up for tutoring or to inquire about times and tutoring for other subjects.
Students may also place a request for tutoring through the web (
Additions to the above schedule will be made upon student requests and tutor availability.


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